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    Freedom of Choice Act.
       Life, Liberty, Faith & the Family (Independent) -> The Equal Protection for Posterity Committee

    Freedom of Choice Act Would Remove All Limitations on Abortions
    By Bishop Robert W. Finn

    The Catholic Key (
    I urge you to learn more about the Freedom of Choice Act and its advocates so that you can make informed decisions in the voting booth…
    I was recently asked to comment on claims by a group calling itself Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, which says that electing candidates who have permissive or clearly pro-choice stances in support of abortion, but are determined to provide more assistance to poor and vulnerable women and families, would actually help to reduce abortions in the United States. This group, I believe has its priorities backwards. It seems unlikely that candidates advocating full access to abortion – which attacks the most vulnerable poor, the unborn - will at the same time have a consistent or principle-based plan for helping other poor people.

    It should be noted that the Catholic Church worldwide provides more help in assisting the needy than any other single private agency – religious or secular. At the same time, she operates from the principle that the measure of our charity is first defined by what we do to and for the most vulnerable.

    When a candidate pledges to provide “comprehensive sex education” to school children and promises to promote – or to “sign immediately upon taking office” - the Freedom of Choice Act, Catholics and all people of good will have cause to question the sincerity of the candidate’s determination to reduce abortions, when these already existing limits have caused a decrease of more than 100,000 abortions each year. (cf. Michael New-Matthew Bowman, Combined Reductions in Abortions, with data supplied by NARAL Pro-Choice America)
    read more…

    Will this be the final nail,… in “Americas’ coffin?
    The “Republican Party idly sits by,.. In Silence”,.. 
    _  __ _ _ _ _ _  __  __ _  _ __ _ _ _  __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Cardinal Rigali on the 'Freedom of Choice Act'

    Zenit News Agency (

    "If FOCA became law, hundreds of reasonable, widely supported, and constitutionally sound abortion regulations now in place would be invalidated."
    WASHINGTON, D.C. (Zenit) - Euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research and the threat of a federal bill that could obliterate 35 years of pro-life gains are among the focus areas for this weekend's Respect Life Sunday.

    These areas were highlighted by Cardinal Justin Rigali of Philadelphia, chairman of the U.S. bishops' Committee on Pro-Life Activities, in a statement for the event marked by 195 U.S. parishes. The theme for this year is "Hope and Trust in Life." October is set aside as Respect Life Month, and parishes across the nation will sponsor conferences, prayer services, public witness events and fundraising activities.

    In his message, Cardinal Rigali first mentioned euthanasia.

    "Some medical ethicists wrongly promote ending the lives of patients with serious physical and mental disabilities by withdrawing their food and water, even though -- or in some cases precisely because -- they are not imminently dying," he explained.

    The cardinal noted that citizens of Washington state will face a vote on euthanasia in November. In neighboring Oregon, where euthanasia is already legal, "the state has refused to cover the cost of life-sustaining treatments for some patients facing terminal illness, while callously informing them that Oregon will pay for suicide pills," Cardinal Rigali lamented.
    Read more… 

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   

    I would like to ask one question of those whom think McCain or Obama is Pro-Life.

    “Where were they when Terri Schiavo was murdered, by thirst?".

    There is only one willing to risk everything in defense of LIFE,.. and has-

    His name is Alan Keyes,… (Others in this Party, Thomas Hoefling)

    Are you willing to risk everything,… to stop ‘The Freedom of Choice Act’ or will we sit in silence,… on Pilate's front porch ?  

    -Silence is not an excuse, acceptable to the “Almighty”-

    Posted 2008-10-06 3:35 PM (#1661) By: gcsteven

    Frankly, the threat of the passage of the FOCA is primarily being used right now by the Republicans as a means to fear-monger pro-lifers into voting for McCain. A way to show some difference between Obama and the 'pro-life in name-only' Republican nominee.


    Posted 2008-10-06 3:42 PM (#1662 - in reply to #1661) By: EternalVigilance

    Frankly, the threat of the passage of the FOCA is primarily being used right now by the Republicans as a means to fear-monger pro-lifers into voting for McCain. A way to show some difference between Obama and the 'pro-life in name-only' Republican nominee.

     Your right of course, it is a political tactic to distract us from the truth,… and if you are right, then in my opinion this act of conscience, is intrinsically evil itself,… and here is how I got there.

    But First a thought-

    Although I agree with your assessments I would offer another perspective, could it be an Obama or Democratic tactic? They know John McCain has no substance, conscience or will to combat this most important stance, because he “may lose some voters” by taking a firm stance against abortion or the Freedom of Choice Act. The proof is in the fact as you have previously stated,.. nothing was said at the Republican convention to bring Palin or John into an absolute firm position on the LIFE issue. –in silence.  (Palins; acceptances speech)

    And in fact nothing but suggestion has been found in its place…by Christian leaders, no declaration, no affirmed statements, articles or recordings, other than his tortured and fleeting response with Rick Warren Saddleback Church. ..and here is how I got there.

    McCain would undoubtedly veto Freedom of Choice Act, Catholic leaders say
    Denver, Jun 20, 2008 / 06:34 pm (CNA).

    After a meeting with Catholic leaders in Philadelphia last week, Sen. John McCain’s pro-life credentials are being questioned some pro-lifers who wonder if he would veto the Freedom of Choice Act, which if passed, would invalidate many of the laws that regulate abortion. Leaders who were present at the meeting informed CNA that they believe McCain would undoubtedly veto the bill.

    The Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) was most recently introduced on April 19, 2007 -- one day after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Partial Birth Abortion Act of 2003.
    The Republican National Coalition for Life also was of the same opinion, saying, “The heart of the (FOCA) bill is a ban that would nullify all of the major types of pro-life laws that the Supreme Court has said are permissible under Roe v. Wade, including the ban on partial-birth abortions and bans on government funding of abortions.”

    Deal Hudson, one of the leaders present at the meeting, informed CNA that when it came to McCain vetoing FOCA, “Nobody asked him that question. My view is that, of course, he would veto it."  [ So Deal Hudson, millions of souls rest on your view—of John McCain. And shame on you for not asking the tough questions,..silence from both Hudson and John McCain on this issue reflects that neither have a “Good Conscience” (thought it through) on the LIFE issue. So much at risk and not a breath of evidence as to McCain’s conscience.. You can not serve two masters.(period)]

    Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life agreed with Hudson, saying, “I have no doubt that he would veto it.” [again if this is such a great risk, that it will tear the heart of Christ, why no affirmation? There should be no doubt of ones will, only battle scares.]

    “Moreover, it’s so extreme, I really don’t think it would ever reach his desk, even if the Democrats increased their numbers in Congress,” Fr. Pavone said. [Tell it to Pontius Pilot] 


     * * * * * * * * * * *
    It is in the public square, the bill has been written,. And waiting for January to be signed into law. You either fight now or die,... In the lie.

    For what other reason do we have public discourse? What?

    Proof our faith leaders have sold they’re and our souls,.. to silence. When they can’t even get a straight answer from the one that calls himself “Straight talk’n McCain” ---and the people mourned…Proverbs 29;2 The LIFE issue is that important--non negotiable

    Whether John McCain is for or against this question of conscience is not the issue.. leadership requires action, something he and others are terribly lacking.

     In fact this ‘guy’ would say that he has already set an example, and example of convenience and political advantage or expediency, With one word… Terri!  Terri Schiavo!  

    Boy!, will Catholic leaders and all the Pro-LIFE organizations and leaders, supporting McCain become totally irrelevant when in January this bill is enacted. They, unlike AIP, are backing a candidate that can’t find it in his conscience to stand up, speak up, for righteousness, if not now, when…..

    Therein is,… two evils. Not lesser.
    God have mercy on us all.

    John McCain Meets With Catholic Leaders in Philadelphia
    by Deal W. Hudson   

    Before his remarks, McCain met privately with Rev. Frank Pavone, president of Priests for Life. Father Pavone's organization promotes voter education and registration throughout the nation, and his pro-life advocacy has been crucial in bringing the non-negotiable life issues to the attention of Catholic voters. –be it known “non-negotiable LIFE issues”???.

    McCain also brought up the subject of defending marriage, saying that some in the room may differ with his view that this decision should be taken up first in the states. "But," he added, "if some federal judge rules that all the states must recognize the [gay] marriages in Massachusetts, I would be in favor of pursuing a Constitutional amendment."
    [ “IF, IF, IF, IF “-no fight here]

    non-negotiable life issues to the attention of Catholic voters.-Fr. Frank Pravone
    If they are non-negotiable, then why in “God’s” name is there no clarification from this leader or Palin as to they’re battle plan.??   Just “ifs”

    Accordingly, all Catholics of “Good Conscience” have only one choice in this election.

    Vote or write in Alan Keyes.

     “All the devil needs, is just one soul” - Alan Keyes 


    Posted 2008-10-07 3:23 PM (#1699 - in reply to #1662) By: gcsteven

    Tremendous post!
    Posted 2008-10-07 4:25 PM (#1701 - in reply to #1699) By: EternalVigilance

    NARAL statement of cause and action
    Posted 2008-10-11 12:27 PM (#1919 - in reply to #1701) By: gcsteven

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