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    Key US Bishops: No Ecclesiastical Sanctions Against Notre Dame
       Life, Liberty, Faith & the Family (Independent) -> The Equal Protection for Posterity Committee

    Catholic World News 


    On the first day of their three-day meeting in San Antonio, the bishops of the United States heard reports on the “great continental mission” taking place in Latin America and on the defense of traditional marriage. In separate interviews with John Allen, two key bishops-- Bishop George Kicanas of Tucson, vice president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Curry of Los Angeles, chairman of the Committee on Catholic Education, said there would be no sanctions against the University of Notre Dame for honoring [Alleged] President Barack Obama at its May 17 commencement ceremony.

    While repeatedly stating that the local bishop is the proper authority to address such issues, Bishop Kicanas appeared to undercut Fort Wayne - South Bend Bishop John D’Arcy’s interpretation of a 2004 bishops’ document. The document-- “Catholics in Political Life”-- states that “the Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions.”

    After the university’s president had said that this statement does not apply to non-Catholics such as [Alleged] President Obama, Bishop D’Arcy countered, “The statements which Father Jenkins has made are simply wrong and give a flawed justification for his actions. I consider it now settled-- that the USCCB document, ‘Catholics in Public Life,’ does indeed apply in this matter.”

    Bishop Kicanas, unlike Bishop D’Arcy, allows that the statement may be ambiguous. Asked “Will there also be discussion about what the bishops should do when a university doesn’t follow your policies?”, Bishop Kicanas responded:

    It may be that there was some lack of clarity about the statement itself. It did refer to ‘Catholic politicians’ in the title. Certainly, most bishops probably understood it in a broader context, but there could have been some misunderstanding of that. Again, there’s a need for more conversation with presidents of universities to help clarify what the bishops’ concerns are and if some accord could be reached.

    Asked, “So far as you’re aware, there’s no push among the bishops to punish Notre Dame in some way?” Bishop Kicanas said,

    “I haven’t heard that. There could be a bishop who would say that, but I haven’t heard it.”

    The interview continued:

    You know this is a question many ardently pro-life Catholics are asking: If a university deliberately defies the bishops’ guidelines, don’t there have to be consequences? Otherwise, what’s the point of issuing the statements?

    You used the phrase ‘deliberately defied.’ I think that’s a pretty harsh statement. If that’s actually what they did, I think Bishop D’Arcy would feel affronted.

    How else would you read it?

    I don’t know. That’s a judgment, that they ‘deliberately defied’ the bishops. They may have interpreted the document differently. … The first thing is to be sure of what we are indeed saying, what we’re agreeing to, and then bringing that to the institutions within one’s own diocese. It is a dialogic thing.

    Ultimately, I suppose, if someone is defiantly standing against what the church teaches, a bishop would have to take some steps … i[f] they’re claiming to be Catholic, but defiantly opposing what the magisterium is saying is important in terms of our teaching. I think as bishops we have to understand exactly what we were saying, and then the local bishop has to decide how that gets played out in his own diocese.

    Bishop Curry agreed that there would be no ecclesiastical discipline of the University of Notre Dame. Asked, “Do you sense any push among the bishops for punitive measures against Notre Dame?”, he replied:

    No, I don’t find any general consensus about that at all. Quite the contrary. I can’t speak for everybody, and certainly some people feel angry and betrayed, but I don’t find that that’s a consensus, either on our committee or among anyone else.

    In fact, although it’s still in the preliminary stages and we haven’t made any decisions, but Notre Dame is very interested in Catholic schools, especially K-12, as is our committee, and we hope in the future that we’ll be cooperating with Notre Dame and other universities to support the schools. Sometimes if we can focus on issues like that, it can change the atmospherics, helping us remember that we’re all on the same side.
    Posted 2009-06-18 6:20 PM (#16551) By: EternalVigilance

    Neither Bishop Curry nor Kicanas were among the 83 bishops who had written letters protesting the action taken by Notre Dame as shown on the list provided by dated May 6.  They are evidently still confused by the lack of clarity in the document penned and passed by their fellow bishops in the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).  Some leadership!

    Posted 2009-06-18 9:05 PM (#16566 - in reply to #16551) By: Ignatius

    Well, there you have it Catholics. You've got the very clear violation of everything Godly in the actions Notre Dame took on the one hand and here we have Catholic hierarchy doing a Bill Clinton impersonation; "it depends on what the meaning of is is." Can you make a believable argument that Evil hasn't risen to the highest levels?

    "Catholic Basher"

    Posted 2009-06-19 12:44 AM (#16571 - in reply to #16551) By: Geronimo

    Thanks Geronimo!

    Once again, you have spoken up when my Catholic brethern will not.

    Does anybody have the slightest idea--what is a "dialogic thing?"

    My fellow Catholics, if you will not speak up against the total sabotage of Catholic Higher Education by LEFTIST CATHOLICS, at least say something in the COLLECTION PLATE!

    Edited by lifepath 2009-06-19 4:09 AM
    Posted 2009-06-19 3:58 AM (#16581 - in reply to #16571) By: lifepath


    While I wouldn't call these bishops "evil," there have always been evil bishops, just as there have always been evil lay people. This isn't a new development.

    Sin is ever ancient, ever new.
    Posted 2009-06-19 9:02 AM (#16589 - in reply to #16571) By: Brendan

    Posted 2009-06-20 6:57 AM (#16640 - in reply to #16589) By: lifepath

    Thanks, Groovsmyth! I'm glad I bumped this topic back to the top!

    Christine and I, Marcia A. Steinour, are collecting a lot of comments on this posting on our Facebook pages. Please take a look, everyone, and see if you can keep this topic running there. I don't know how to keep this page and all of those comments co-ordinated, but I think that people are really starting to "get it," so I want to encourage as much commentary as I can. Anyone who already has a Facebook Page can just click into the Share Button on our postings, and can run the article to share with your own followers.
    from Eternal Vigilance, "If we don't quit, we will prevail!"
    Posted 2009-06-20 11:17 AM (#16648 - in reply to #16551) By: lifepath

    Some comments from FaceBook

    Patty Shelton-Cunningham at 2:18pm June 20

    God will speak for Himself some day on this matter since people have ceased to realize the preciousness of life.The safest place for it should be in a mothers womb before birth and in her arms after it is born. We are skating on very thin ice if we think the life is less valuable because it cannot be seen by us. Psalm 139 says that God saw us as we were being formed in our mothers womb. With the new ultra -sounds the baby can be seen and so now we are even less able to justify the idea that it is just a piece of tissue. The infant has a life of it's own and can feel pain and discomfort.
    Bryan Longworth at 9:06pm June 18

    What a Bunch of Wimps!

    Stacy Howard-Lesinski at 9:28pm June 18

    Nothing is hidden from the eyes of God.

    Glenn Petrone at 9:34pm June 18

    @ what did we expect I would have been surprised if anything was said. When do we cease labeling people and institutions "Catholic", when they do not act Catholic? These rogues at the USCCB know exactly what they are doing and they support the heretic Jenkins.

    Tom Martin at 12:39am June 19

    We need to constantly keep our Shepherds of The Flocks in our prayers. Their jobs are not easy. My bishop said he just wants to be a nice guy and not make anybody mad. He spoke to me last Saturday about his previous letter to me that said he has a "different strategy" in spite of the disavowal of the Holy See as posted on the USCCB website:

    Christine at 7:36am June 19

    Yesterday at Mass I prayed to St. Paul to intercede on behalf of the Church that it would be true and faithful to Christ's leadership as Head. We need the intercession of St. Paul.

    Marcia A. Steinour at 11:24am June 20

    I wish to see the US Bishops (at least the Conservative ones) engaged in a running conversation with Dr. Keyes. Just like on our Conference Calls--ten minutes in conversation with Dr. Keyes can clear up two to three hundred years of lies and misperceptions in any arena, and that includes the pro-life/political arena. My problem is that I don't have access to the Bishops and can never get past their gatekeepers. I refuse to spend three weeks drafting an appropriate letter, only to have it ignored or only acknowledged. I wish that Dr. Keyes could serve as a Consultant to the Bishops (USCCB) Pro-Life Committee, and I wish that the Bishops would help to clear the names and records of all of the Pro-Lifers who face court action in South Bend, Ind. Is that an unreasonable request! Any ideas?


    Posted 2009-06-22 10:08 AM (#16714 - in reply to #16648) By: lifepath

    From these ranks lurk some of the very slimeballs who also lacked the courage to face the sex scandal. They blamed the victims and protected the predators. Why? Two reasons. They are cowards who simply cannot back up their words with backbone. And many of them are guilty of the very same scandalous abominations as the predators themselves.

    So are we expecting these men to do what is right concerning the scandal of Notre Dame? They cannot. Their souls are stinking, rotting sewers. These destroyers of faith must die off and real faithful men MUST replace them.

    These are strong words. I am so very disgusted. I am trying to raise a faithful family and my efforts are being sabotaged by the very agents of the church. My kids need heroes and all too often they look up and see nothing but whining, compromising pansies.
    Posted 2009-06-23 1:46 PM (#16778 - in reply to #16551) By: MICHAIR

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