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    Norma McCorvey, the "Roe" in Roe v Wade, NOT arrested at Notre Dame
       Life, Liberty, Faith & the Family (Independent) -> The Equal Protection for Posterity Committee

    According to correspondents who are on the ground at Notre Dame, Norma McCorvey, the "Roe" in Roe v Wade, was NOT arrested on campus as she and others prayed and protested the honors which are being bestowed by the Catholic institution's leaders on pro-abortion politician Barack Obama tomorrow.

    Apparently there were more than twenty pro-life witnesses who were taken into custody, but Norma was not among them. 

    We will be updating this story as more information becomes available.

    If you have additional information on the historic events which are taking place in South Bend, and want to get word out, please email and we'll do what we can to help!


    AIPNEWS would like to apologize to our readers for having jumped the gun on Norma's arrest earlier.


    Posted 2009-05-16 9:41 AM (#13953) By: EternalVigilance

    Resident Obama - just because he resides, doesn't mean he's president.

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    Posted 2009-05-16 12:25 PM (#13952 - in reply to #13950) By: Philomena
    Posted 2009-05-16 9:49 AM (#13954 - in reply to #13953) By: EternalVigilance

    From FreeRepublic:


    Fr. Norm was arrested again according to Fox News (12:15PM EST)

    4 posted on Saturday, May 16, 2009 11:49:54 AM by mware
    Posted 2009-05-16 9:51 AM (#13955 - in reply to #13954) By: EternalVigilance

    According to Fox News 1 pm EST, Norma McCorvey has not been arrested.
    Posted 2009-05-16 10:07 AM (#13957 - in reply to #13953) By: helenm

    Well, AIP folks on the ground tell me otherwise.
    Posted 2009-05-16 10:10 AM (#13958 - in reply to #13957) By: EternalVigilance

    I'm checking with others who are there right now.
    Posted 2009-05-16 10:13 AM (#13959 - in reply to #13957) By: EternalVigilance
    Posted 2009-05-16 10:13 AM (#13960 - in reply to #13959) By: EternalVigilance

    Norma McCorvey was not arrested although she did enter the campus. She emerged a short while later. I do not have further details yet on this.

    Apparently Dr. Keyes has not yet been released.

    Father Weslin was arrested again. Rescue pioneer Joan Andrews Bell was arrested. Joan entered an abortion camp in Pensacola during the eighties and disabled an abortion suction machine. She spent 18 months in solitary confinement in a Florida prison for this.

    Father Weslin, Joan and one other brave witness all took the helpless fetal position of the unborn at their arrest and wewre carried off on stretchers.

    The sidewalks at the glistening polished gates of the campus are now swelled with high numbers of protesters now that the weekend is here.
    Posted 2009-05-16 10:20 AM (#13961 - in reply to #13957) By: MICHAIR

    The headline and story have been fixed accordingly. I've now talked to sources who saw Norma depart the grounds without being detained, and sources at the jail confirm that she was not among the detainees.
    Posted 2009-05-16 10:34 AM (#13962 - in reply to #13961) By: EternalVigilance

    To: COBOL2Java
    From a Fox News report: Asked what she'd say to [Alleged] President Obama if given the opportunity, McCorvey replied, "I can't talk like that anymore. I'm a Christian."
    66 posted on Saturday, May 16, 2009 12:30:12 PM by Carl Vehse
    Posted 2009-05-16 10:39 AM (#13963 - in reply to #13962) By: EternalVigilance

    Helen, thanks for the heads-up!
    Posted 2009-05-16 10:52 AM (#13964 - in reply to #13957) By: EternalVigilance

    PLEASE watch Fox News for an appearance by our own Judy Zabik. She had the opportunity to talk to them about AIP, even!

    I'm told that they may air the report at 3 pm Eastern.


    If someone can do some recording that would be great.

    Posted 2009-05-16 10:59 AM (#13965 - in reply to #13953) By: EternalVigilance

    By the way, I would like to ask everyone to pray for Norma. She's in a very difficult spiritual battle in South Bend.

    May our LORD bless and keep her!


    Posted 2009-05-16 11:00 AM (#13966 - in reply to #13965) By: EternalVigilance

    Here's a LARGE version of the picture that I call Alan Keyes' greatest pro-life speech.

    You can purchase a copy of it from the South Bend Tribune HERE.


    Posted 2009-05-16 11:57 AM (#13967 - in reply to #13966) By: EternalVigilance

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