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    Conservative Leaders Call for Replacement of Human Events Editor
       Other Endorsed Independent Projects -> Real Republicans

    Contact: Gregg Jackson,; John Haskins, 818-397-7714

    MEDIA ADVISORY, Jan. 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- Radio host and bestselling author Gregg Jackson and a growing list of other conservative leaders, lawyers and activists are calling on Eagle Publishing to dismiss editor Jed Babbin and take immediate and decisive steps to restore the credibility of Human Events. Among the names widely known in social conservative and pro-life circles are Dr. Ted Baehr, President of Movieguide; Ambassador Alan Keyes, former Reagan appointee and presidential candidate; Dr. William Greene of; Coach Dave Daubenmire, talk show host and author; and Brian Rohrbough, President of American Right to Life.
    The editor of what was Ronald Reagan's favorite conservative weekly, Human Events, Babbin only recently admitted in an explosive radio interview that Mitt Romney illegally instituted same-sex "marriage" and $50 government-funded abortions. He now claims that Human Events faithfully reported these facts to their readers, but when asked to support that erroneous claim by citing specific articles in the four years since Romney's illegal orders went into effect, Babbin angrily professed not to remember and abruptly hung up, ending the interview.

    Listen to Jackson's revealing 12-minute interview with Babbin here!

    On numerous occasions, Jackson and others had gone to great lengths to share Romney's far left wing record with Babbin and other writers at Human Events such as Ann Coulter, David Limbaugh and John Gizzi, but they all chose to suppress Romney's radical record in Massachusetts and in doing so deceived countless conservative readers.

    Also in this interview with Jackson, Babbin adamantly asserted:

    • that the unalienable right to life is no more important or fundamental than the freedom of speech or the right to vote--a statement that is not merely illogical, but is an accidental admission that he is not pro-life in any meaningful sense
    • that America's founding national charter, the Declaration of Independence, is not part of the Organic Law of the United States of America--despite the fact that the U.S. Code (section XXXVII - LXVII, "Organic Laws of the United States of America" ) says explicitly that it is, and despite the fact that the Supreme Court has repeatedly stated that it is (astonishingly, Babbin is a lawyer)
    • that the candidate whom Human Events endorsed for President, Fred Thompson, whom Babbin claims is "solidly pro-life," had "no choice" as a lawyer other than to represent the nation's largest abortion provider: Planned Parenthood
    • that despite John McCain's support for taxpayer funding for both embryonic stem cell research and Planned Parenthood; despite his belief that babies in the womb do not possess a God-given unalienable right to life that no state may violate; and despite his opposition to a Human Life Amendment--the core plank of the Republican Party--McCain too is "solidly pro-life"
    "For years conservatives trusted Human Events as a source of truth about what is happening in American politics," Jackson said. "Babbin's embarrassing and revealing statements in this very revealing interview are only the most recent indication of an ongoing purge of real conservatives and their replacement by social liberals posing as the heirs of the Reagan revolution," Jackson continued.

    "As people listen to this interview, we expect awareness of the sad state of Human Events to spread through the grassroots just as the facts about Mitt Romney did, despite a concerted effort by Human Events and many supposed 'conservatives' to suppress it," said John Haskins of "Eagle Publishing may well be too scornful of the intelligence of their own readers and too stubborn to dismiss Jed Babbin as the counterfeit conservative he revealed himself to be. But they face a continued loss of credibility which can only lead, ultimately, to the death of the publication."

    The still growing list of conservative leaders, attorneys, radio talk show hosts and pundits calling for Human Events to dismiss Jed Babbin and chart an authentic conservative course for the future includes the following:

    Dr. Ted Baehr, President,
    Dr. Alan Keyes, former Reagan ambassador and presidential candidate
    Bob Enyart, radio host KLTT-AM, author, former national TV host
    Brian Rohrbough, President of American Right to Life
    Rev. Earle Fox, Ph.D (Oxford), author, philosopher, president, Road to Emmaus School of Judeo-Christian Apologetics (
    Dr. William Greene, President,
    "Coach" Dave Daubenmire, founder, Pass The Salt Ministries, talk show host and author
    Steve Deace, radio talk show host and author
    Tom Hoefling, Chairman, America's Independent Party,
    Dr. Scott Lively, President, Abiding Truth Ministries
    Dr. Paul Cameron, Chairman, Family Research Institute
    Ray Neary, Director, Pro-Life Massachusetts (former President, Massachusetts Citizens for Life)
    John O'Gorman, Massachusetts Citizen for Life, Member, Board of Directors 2002-2008
    Atty. 'Robert Paine,' author: The Governor's New Clothes: How Mitt Romney Brought Same-Sex Marriage to America
    Tricia Erickson, President Angel Pictures, LLC
    Dewey L. Crepeau, Esq, Executive Director, A Gift of Hope Adoptions
    Bob Denny, Founder, Guardians of the Inheritance
    Gregg Jackson, radio talk show host and author of Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies
    David Jeffers, author of Understanding Evangelicals: A Guide to Jesusland
    Kenny Bolton, pastor and radio talk show host of "The Black Conservative"
    Joseph L. Langlois, Attorney at Law
    Tom Blumer, owner, and Monetary Matters
    Kerry Lee Morgan, Esq.,
    John Haskins, editor,
    Patrick Flynn, Chairman, America's Independent Party of Michigan
    Steve Schulin, founder, Maryland Independent Party
    Richard Selfridge, Chairman, Constitution Party of Massachusetts
    Rev. Michael Carl, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, CentrePoint News
    Ryan Sorba, author, "The Born Gay Hoax" (upcoming)
    Dr. Gregory Thompson, Founder, Asleep kNOw More Ministry
    Michael Walsh, Chairman, America's Independent Party of Iowa
    Judy Zabik, Treasurer, Alan Keyes for President/America's Independent Party
    Posted 2009-01-27 4:43 AM (#6436) By: EternalVigilance

    This interview by Steve Deace of Jed Babbin is an important one to listen to if you want to understand what this letter is all about.

    Click here...

    Posted 2009-01-27 10:01 AM (#6454 - in reply to #6436) By: EternalVigilance

    I just want to reiterate: If someone wants to really get at the core of the problems with the conservative movement, and the core principles that AIP is fighting for, the Deace and Jackson interviews of Babbin are "must-hear" radio.
    Posted 2009-01-27 11:00 AM (#6458 - in reply to #6454) By: EternalVigilance

    Thomas L. Phillips, Chairman
    Mr. Phillips serves as Chairman of Eagle Publishing, Inc.

    Thomas Phillips

    98 SAN JACINTO BLVD · Austin TX
    Campaign Contributions and Donations
    Mitt Romney $4600

    For those who don't know, Eagle Publishing owns and operates Human Events.

    Posted 2009-01-27 11:15 AM (#6459 - in reply to #6458) By: EternalVigilance

    The muslims are not further along because they fight amongst themselves. Each sect (Sunni, etc.) thinks they are the ones that are true Islam followers.

    Although I agree with this article I am concerned that Conservatives have the same issue. We need to get ALL conservatives to agree on one platform, and one party. AIP is a good place to start.

    How do we get the Gary Bauers, and the like, to all come together? A united voice will bring much better results.
    Posted 2009-01-27 12:17 PM (#6461 - in reply to #6436) By: TMacLeran

    They have to return to the core principles, and then stand for them no matter the personal cost. If they won't, they will continue to be part of the problem.
    Posted 2009-01-27 12:19 PM (#6462 - in reply to #6461) By: EternalVigilance

    As I have said before, we are claiming to be conservative but traveling many roads.

    As Christians are many times traveling many roads, but the road is straight and narrow.

    Posted 2009-01-27 12:48 PM (#6463 - in reply to #6462) By: marchingon

    Review, 1/27/09
    Posted 2009-01-27 6:16 PM (#6482 - in reply to #6436) By: Savvy

    GREGG JACKSON is on the conference call tonight, January 27, 2009!


    On the Gregg Jackson Show

    Live link:

    Posted 2009-01-27 6:28 PM (#6486 - in reply to #6463) By: Savvy

    The Conference Call recording should be posted later this evening for anyone who missed the call, or would like to review it, since there was such a plethora of great information:  Conference Call thread.

    (Not verbatum)

    Gregg Jackson: ... we have to advance truth no matter what the cost ... I am encouraged by AIP and Dr. Alan Keyes and people who signed this press release ...

    Apparently there was an event at which Gregg Jackson introduced some of the presidential candidates, of 2008.   

    Tom:  ... I was embarrassed for Ann Coulter fawning over Mitt Romney. 

    Ann Coulter spoke after Gregg's introductions.  Gregg shared information regarding Mitt Romney with Ann Coutler. 

    Gregg Jackson:  I told Ann Consider " ... it will effect your career if you actually go out and endorse Romney ... You have the information, I’ve shared it with you ... You know about the entire litany ... If you do this, you will be putting your entire career in jeopardy."

    Unless Romney made promises … why else would these people ignore such a radically liberal record?

    Sekelow endorsed Romney ... Gregg Sabine, you delivered to [a gentleman … was it Bill Bennett … check recording, please] and Janet Folger.  They impolitely turned you away. 

    Greg Sabine confirmed he delivered the work of Paine, Haskins, …  saying, "I delivered it to their studio in Washington, D. C. … the Bulleva Studio (... it was a crummy building.)"

    Tom:  Tony Perkins’ treatment of us during the presidential campaign [2008] ... they lied through their teeth.  When called them on it, they verbally assaulted our people.  If Perkins got money from Romney, that might explain why …

    Gregg Jackson: … while they claim to be pro-life, behind the scenes … Romney single handedly instituted same sex marriage.

    Gregg Jackson:  Jay Sekelow, AFA, FRC ... have said activist judges could establish Gay Marriange, here in California.  Gregg Jackson has told them the judiciary cannot make law ... "I told Matt Staver ... you need to go after Schwarzenegger."  The culprit in California is Schwarzenegger ... he authorized legal changes to marriage certificates [to Party A and Party B.] 

    Gregg Jackson:  ... they put forward a dangerous lie ... that there is no constitutional separation of power anymore ... when it is leading conservative lawyers [Staver, Sekelow] who are putting it forward, we have only ourselves to blame ... we have no business pointing fingers at liberals ... George Bush and Jeb Bush let Terry Schiavo die.

    Tom recommends listening to the interview linked-to above in this thread:

    This interview by Steve Deace of Jed Babbin
    is an important one to listen to if you want to
    understand what this letter is all about.

    Click here...

    Gregg Jackson:  ... there is no more conservative movement ... it's been totally infultrated by liberals ... we need to be giving money to America's Independent Party ...instead of giving your money to National Right to Life, instead we need to send it to American Right to Life ... to the real deal.


    Posted 2009-01-27 7:38 PM (#6492 - in reply to #6486) By: Savvy

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