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    Bill O’Reilly: Sane People Know Obama Is A Citizen, Not A Muslim...
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    ...And The Rest Of Us Who Still Have Questions Are…?

    Here's The Right Side Of It

    Feb. 15, 2011

    by John L. Work

    Bill O'Reilly

    With a hat tip to 630KHOW’s Peter Boyles, here’s a rather astounding YouTube video clip from last night’s Fox News O’Reilly Factor, featuring Juan Williams and Mary Katharine Ham as guests.  The issue at hand was Barack Obama’s Constitutional eligibility to hold office – or rather more specifically, his citizenship and religion.  With his usual condescension, overbearing rhetoric, de-facto name-calling, interruptive behavior and obstinate ignorance of some glaring veracity problems in the Obama life-narrative, O’Reilly has become a sort of obfuscating leftist grand protector of the President’s still-hidden documented past.  The video link follows:

     “…I don’t think there’s any effect in this country at all on any public policy about the President’s religion or his birth certificate.  It doesn’t matter.”…”

     Really.  Does the Constitution matter, Mr. O’Reilly?

     In response to Juan Williams’ question about why there are now nine U.S. Congressmen who want legislation passed to verify Obama’s citizenship, O’Reilly had this to say:

     “Alright, you want me to answer that question?  Because they’re pinheads and they’re playing to the crowd.  And it has nothing to do with the business of the nation.  Nothing…”

     And it is very contradictory to O’Reilly’s position that the numbers in the crowd have actually grown – to view the debate about the issue that doesn’t matter.

     Mary Katharine Ham’s point that the leftists who are now asking the questions are being treated very differently from the right-wingers who are asking the very same questions drew this from the host:

     “Here’s the deal.  I want everybody to understand this.  The issue doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter.  Sane, clear-thinking people understand the President is not a Muslim, and he wasn’t born in Indonesia or whatever they’re puttin’ out there.  So, why does Meet The Press and NBC News take up valuable air time to hammer a guy who has nothin’ to do with it – Boehner?  He has no dog in the hunt….”

    Let’s break this down:

    1)      The issue does matter because The Constitution matters.

    2)      I have some questions about the historical background and origins of the President that he has refused to answer.  So, I’m not able to think clearly and my sanity is at question?

    3)      The purpose of the Meet the Press grilling of John Boehner was an attempt to get him to repudiate the voters and Congressmen who are asking the question, “Who are you, Obama, and from whence came you?” - which Boehner refused to do. 

    O’Reilly apparently cannot think clearly enough to figure this out.


    Posted 2011-02-15 7:55 PM (#49491) By: EternalVigilance

    He's either a liberal who loves Obama and/or it's because he works at FoxNews. If he he does know or suspect the truth, then he's a sell out for money by going along with the ruse. I can't watch any of them on Fox any more. I know too much and can see through the sham and lies. One by one I saw it. First O'Reilly, then Huckabee, Hannity, etc.

    It's not news, it's sick entertainment. One talking head interviewing other talking heads, all in the pocket of the two-party elite government-media complex, brainwashing the people into thinking they have a say in elections and the government.

    People need to shut it off and get involved with people who really want to put America back together. They need to do their own research and not believe a word of what is said by any of the media.

    Posted 2011-02-16 6:24 AM (#49500 - in reply to #49491) By: Philomena

    "O’Reilly has become a sort of obfuscating leftist grand protector ..."

     I think one could add bombastic to obfuscating as well. With his latest Obama interview, he seemed more interested in proving to the left that Fox is not the evil caricature they’ve painted it, than he was just dealing with facts and questions without an agenda. If he thinks this proved anything to the left, he's nuts....(but I'd have to invent a new term for that process, maybe something with an -er suffix.)

    Posted 2011-02-17 3:23 PM (#49573 - in reply to #49491) By: FreeByrd

    Hey Jeff,.. please don't call him IDIOT.
    Posted 2011-02-17 3:29 PM (#49574 - in reply to #49573) By: gcsteven

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