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    Republican unity cracks over $14.3T debt ceiling
       Property, Economics, Government (Independent) -> Real Economics - Tax, Monetary & Spending Reform

    The Hill

    January 26, 2011

    Peter Schroeder and Erik Wasson

    Conservative Republicans in the House are upping the pressure on their party leaders to take a firm stand against raising the federal debt ceiling.

    The Republican Study Committee (RSC) introduced legislation on Wednesday that it says would allow the Treasury Department to avoid a default on U.S. debt without expanding the borrowing limit.

    The bill is the latest indication that some Republicans are digging in their heels on the debt vote despite stern warnings from the Obama administration that failing to raise the ceiling would be disastrous for the country. It also signals a widening rift with GOP leaders who have suggested Republicans will ultimately have no choice but to approve the debt increase.

    Read this article at ...

    Posted 2011-01-26 8:09 PM (#48621) By: EternalVigilance

    It's always “catastrophic economic consequences” for crack drug addicts.

    Sorry I though it read; "Republicans on CRACK over debt ceiling",...

    No No!

    I'm sorry it read; "Republicans cracked on debt",....

    NO NO!

    I'm sorry it read; "Republicans will buy crack for debt"...

    No No!

    I'm sorry it read; "Debt will CRACK Republican addicts",..

    No No!

    I'm sorry it read; "Republi-crats Crack. IT'S BUSH'S FAULT!"

    Nothing a little more duct tape can't fix.

    Edited by gcsteven 2012-11-26 10:56 AM
    Posted 2011-01-26 8:45 PM (#48622 - in reply to #48621) By: gcsteven

    Don’t Raise the Debt Limit, Cut Unconstitutional Spending
    Posted 2011-01-26 8:50 PM (#48623 - in reply to #48622) By: EternalVigilance

    Posted 2011-01-26 8:56 PM (#48624 - in reply to #48623) By: gcsteven





    Posted 2011-01-26 9:10 PM (#48625 - in reply to #48624) By: gcsteven

    The rich rule over the poor,
       and the borrower is slave to the lender.

    -- Proverbs 22:7

    Posted 2011-01-27 4:54 AM (#48626 - in reply to #48625) By: EternalVigilance

    Raise the Debt Ceiling; More Free Candy for everyone!

    (AIPnews 01/07/2011)

    Accepting Candy from strangers is ______________.

    Posted 2011-01-27 8:25 AM (#48644 - in reply to #48626) By: gcsteven

    The Candy Man!

    Posted 2011-01-27 10:54 AM (#48654 - in reply to #48644) By: gcsteven

    Just in time for this weeks Budget.

    NO NO

    I mean last years Budget.

    No No No I mean this weeks crack budget.

    No No I mean last years -this years- Budget for crack.

    NO NO This next years budget that started October 1, 2010.

    No No What years budget is this for???

    "Budgets are for people who give a ----. Not for people who will not follow it or present it five months late. Come on you guys why even do a budget?"

    At this rate they "Congress and Administration" should be working on a budget for 2012

    No No I mean 2013.

    Barack Obama’s Lying Liars



    January 28, 2011 by Chip Wood 

    Barack Obama’s Lying Liars

    No, I am not talking about the President’s State of the Union speech from this past Tuesday. Thanks to the deadline demands at Personal Liberty Digest, I had to finish this column the day before that oration. I will comment next week on Obama’s performance (which I expect to be filled with platitudes and promises that the media will love — and the White House won’t keep).

    Read more Here.

    Posted 2011-02-13 9:40 PM (#49395 - in reply to #48621) By: gcsteven

    Debt Ceiling Has Some Give, Until Roof Falls In


    Published: May 4, 2011

    Even after Aug. 2, the deadline the Treasury Department set this week for Congress to lift the borrowing limit, the government might be able to delay a crisis, perhaps even for a few months, through extraordinary measures such as asset sales.

    U.S. Treasury suggests US $2T debt cap raise

    By Richard Cowan and Rachelle Younglai

    WASHINGTON – The U.S. Treasury has told lawmakers a roughly US$2-trillion rise in the legal limit on federal debt would be needed to ensure the government can keep borrowing through the 2012 presidential election, sources with knowledge of the discussions said.

    $ 2,000,000,000,000.00 = US $ 2 trillion

    Why not use the PIOOMA formula - Oh! So sorry, they did. ;-(

    Other philosophical perspectives from the PIOOMA Institute of Higher Things.


     "Republicans cracked on debt"



    Posted 2011-05-05 11:48 AM (#53089 - in reply to #48622) By: gcsteven

    Don’t Fight Over the Debt Limit, Abandon It Altogether: View

    May 30, 2011 

    It’s a simple equation: Congress decides how much tax revenue the government will collect and how much money the government will spend. When the first sum is insufficient to cover the second, the government must borrow to make up the difference. To rein itself in, Congress sets a "debt ceiling," a predetermined amount the government can borrow and can’t exceed without a vote.

    Read More; Bloomberg View

    A Question for Congress and all candidates for 2012; 

    "How are you going to Finance the Future and pay off the Debt?"

    Posted 2011-05-31 9:18 AM (#54123 - in reply to #53089) By: gcsteven

    Republicans and Democrats, to America:

    "Don't stop us before we spend again!"

    Posted 2011-05-31 9:28 AM (#54125 - in reply to #54123) By: EternalVigilance

    Republicans and Democrats, to America:

    "Don't stop us before we spend again!" -or-

    "Quick give them what they want,.. Or he gets it."

    Posted 2011-06-01 8:18 AM (#54154 - in reply to #54125) By: gcsteven

    Addicted to government: Is there a way out?

    July 22, 2011
    1:00 am Eastern

    © 2011

    Thank God that I learned most of what I know about the agonies of withdrawal from drug addiction from the movies and TV. The dramatized depictions convinced me that it's an experience no sane person would wish upon themselves or anyone else they didn't passionately hate.

    I found myself thinking about this as I read another story about the ongoing mimicry of deliberation we're supposed to accept as serious congressional action on the debt-ceiling issue. I remembered the oscillation between pathetic entreaty and angry abuse the suffering addicts heaped upon the friend or other interested party who took on the thankless task of nursing them through the physical and emotion seizures that marked their journey to and through the gates of self-inflicted hell.

    Read more: Addicted to government: Is there a way out?

    “That government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves,”

    -- Thomas Jefferson

    Posted 2011-07-22 6:38 AM (#55624 - in reply to #48622) By: gcsteven

    DEAN: Dangerous misreading of the Constitution

    By Warren L. Dean Jr. - The Washington Times

    Liberals invent the power to consign our children to involuntary servitude [Not surprisingly, Republicans propose to do it in three stages.]

    Around the end of this year, the government of the United States of America will run out of money. Again. By running out of money, we mean government will exhaust its ability to borrow more money without going back to Congress to increase the amount of the debt it is authorized to carry. Right now, the government is authorized to borrow $16.4 trillion, but that is not enough. Because the government is borrowing about 40 cents of every dollar it spends on its day-to-day operations, it can be expected to run out of money pretty regularly. In fact, we went through this fiscal farce just last summer. Like a tired rerun, it is back again.

    Read more: Dangerous misreading of the Constitution


    Posted 2012-06-05 10:03 AM (#61739 - in reply to #48626) By: gcsteven

    Don't let (The Romulan) Republicans lie to you about the debt ceiling

     October 27, 2012

    By Bryan Fischer 

    Don't let the Republicans lie to you: if the debt ceiling is not raised, THE U.S. WILL NOT DEFAULT. It takes around $200 billion a year to service our debt, and total revenue to the federal government is somewhere around $2.2 trillion.

    We can service the debt, and still have $2 trillion left over to run the country. If the Republicans in the House cannot run this country on $2 trillion, they need to look for new careers, and we need to help them find those new careers as soon as humanly possible.

    They will complain that we just have no idea how difficult it will be. I have no sympathy for them. We are paying them $175,000 a year to make tough decisions, and it's time they started earning their money. . .

    Read more: Don't let Republicans lie to you about the debt ceiling.

    "Stop the insanity . . . 


    Posted 2012-10-27 7:08 PM (#63517 - in reply to #48621) By: gcsteven

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